34. Look away Taylor Swift

The dishes in the sink had long been forgotten as they made out like a couple of horny teenagers.


Eric scooped her up from the bar, lips locked of course, as though it would be a crime to pull away. He plopped them down on one of the wingback chairs with Sookie tucked in his lap and her arms wrapped around his neck. God, he could do this all day.


She was the first to break the kiss, making him grunt in protest. She tried to slide off his lap but he was quick to grab her waist.


“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked, eyebrow arched.


“I’m gonna bust your stitches,” she explained, wriggling.


“I don’t care,” he murmured, nipping the skin along her neck.


He was afraid he had gotten rusty but the soft moan that escaped her lips had chased away his concerns.


“Eric…” she mewed. Damn, if she kept saying his name like that something inside his pants would burst.


“Hmm?” he hummed, his fingers weaving through her hair, tugging at it gently as his mouth began its descent toward her collarbone.


“I’m ready for dessert now,” she rasped.


His lips stilled as he drew back, gaping at her as his heart thumped in his throat. “I hope you mean sex because I only prepared two courses.”


She smiled and bit her lower lip, her eyes hooded. “This would do,” she husked, her hand slipping under his shirt to trace the muscles in his abs.


A tremor ran up his spine and he growled as his dick twitched inside his pants. “Don’t you start something you can’t finish Miss Stackhouse,” he warned, breathing heavily.


She peeled herself off his lap and crossed her arms. “You sound scared, Mister Northman,” she teased.


Fuck me.


He slowly rose to standing, never breaking eye contact with her. She didn’t take a step back to give him space and the close proximity only heightened his excitement. He pulled his shirt over his head and let it slide to the floor. If he weren’t watching her closely he would have missed the way her eyes darted to his stomach before she bit her lower lip.


He had never felt so excited to be objectified.


“What now?” he asked.


“Let’s make some bad decisions,” she breathed out.







By some miracle they made it to the bed, pieces of clothing trailing them to the bedroom like bread crumbs on the floor.


Eric was unpredictable. One second he was ripping her clothes off like they had insulted him, the next she he was laying her down gently on the bed like spun sugar. His fingers stroked the back of her neck delicately while he kissed her voraciously on the lips.


A whimper escaped her lips when Eric began sucking the skin on her shoulder. She could feel him trembling as he hovered above her, his eyes turning sapphire as he stared at her.


All her wet dreams and fantasies paled in comparison to this. She wondered if E.L. James had someone like Eric as her muse.


Sookie arched her back when Eric started kissing his way down to the space between her bosoms. He unhooked her bra and palmed one of her breasts as his mouth took care of the other. Her hips bucked underneath him as her nipples hardened and her core twisted.

She writhed beneath him as he began sliding downward, his long, deft fingers leading him to that special spot where only ‘Alex’ had the pleasure of visiting.


His torso vibrated against her as he groaned when he found the slickness between her thighs. “Ah fuck,” he gritted as he bit her shoulder making her shiver.


“Eric…” I’m a virgin.


The words got stuck in her throat as Eric began petting her breast again – his mouth warm against her prickled skin. Her lip caught between her teeth, she dug into his shoulder. She could feel herself getting so close. How embarrassing would it be if she came in his hand?


Cool it, woman!


“Perfect,” she heard him murmur. It didn’t sound like lip service though. It sounded more like he was musing out loud.


Her head swirled from the praise and she allowed herself to smile. His lips moved south, placing open-mouthed kisses over her belly making her ache for more. Her vocabulary had been limited to shameless moans as Eric slid down, down, down.


“Fuck,” Eric murmured in a strained voice.


Mustering enough courage, she forced her eyes open to look down. She could see the top of his head between her legs and the blood that rushed to her cheeks was instantaneous. He looped his arms around her thighs and dragged her toward the edge of the bed in one forceful tug punctuated by a growl that made her shudder.


She held on to the sheets, panting with anticipation.


She could feel Taylor Swift judging her on the wall.


She closed her eyes, her fingers clutching tightly on the bedspread as Eric dipped his head in her most intimate part.


“Oh god,” she yelped as she gasped for air.


Whatever he was doing down there was making it hard for her to breathe.


“Eric…” she mewled, getting dangerously close to losing her mind.


Please, don’t stop, she wanted to add. But the prude in her stopped her.


Every flick of his tongue made her clench her fist tighter and pant a little louder. She thought no one could please her more than herself. She had never been so wrong. Eric was in a league of his own. All she could do was bite her lip so hard to stop herself from screaming when she finally fell over the edge.


Eric held onto her thighs as he kept his mouth clamped onto her ‘lips’, intensifying the high of her orgasm.


Then just as her pulse was starting to return to normal he raised his head and kissed her hard on the lips. She could taste herself in his mouth and it was so goddamned erotic.


He straightened up and unzipped his pants. His eyes were dark with lust as he gazed at her, taking in every inch of her naked form. She should have felt exposed and nervous. But she wasn’t. The look in his eyes was feral and the raw hunger in his face was oddly empowering. His chest was heaving up and down as he tore the condom foil with his teeth.


“You forgot to get dessert but you remembered to bring a pack of that,” she teased, propping herself up, her elbows digging in the mattress.


“In my defense these came with me from New York.”




“So technic’lly they’re not really for me.”


“Oh Sookie, I was never prepared for someone like you.”


He peeled off his boxers and the enormity that sprung out of his underwear made her shudder. She swallowed hard, sizing up his… well, size.


Okay, this wasn’t just some afternoon show, this was cable TV big. He was terrifyingly huge. She wondered if she’d be able to accommodate him.


He slipped the condom on and bent down to seize the back of her neck and kissed her greedily, dispelling her apprehension.


“I want you so bad,” he groaned.


“No one’s stoppin’ you.” With her arms entwined around his neck, she pulled him down with her as she lay back on the bed. She cradled his face, brushing the beads of sweat on his forehead. “I love you,” she whispered.


“Remember that tomorrow when you’re all sore and covered with hickeys because I don’t think I can go easy on you anymore,” he said and gave her another lingering kiss.


“Wait, you were goin’ easy on me?” Damn, I’m in so much trouble.


“I haven’t had a decent sleep in two days,” he quipped. “Imagine what I can do to you after I’m fully rested.”


There was no rest for his wicked hands though as his fingers found her spot again with so much ease and stroked it lightly.




The rational Sookie wanted to shake her head and say no, to tell him she was ah… hadn’t been taken on a test drive before. But the wanton, lust-filled minx Eric had summoned with his unforgiving mouth wanted to flip him over and straddle him.


His finger swirled and flicked and the logical woman she once knew had thrown the towel and left the building.


“I’m ready,” she whispered.


Eric’s lips tugged to the side then ever so slowly he replaced his fingers with his hard cock.


His mouth captured her lips when he entered her, swallowing the yelp she wasn’t able to hold.


Then he froze halfway in and pulled back.


Ah, shit. She wished he hadn’t done that.


“Are you okay?” he said, the lines on his forehead deepened in concern as he swept back her hair.


She was wrong. She wasn’t ready. It was painful — like being ripped apart by some powerful force.


Despite the pain, she bobbed her head, unable to trust herself not to squeak – or heaven forbid, weep. Eric seemed unconvinced, his face growing even more flushed.


She offered him a smile. “I’m alright,” she said and with a deep breath she thrust her hips up slowly and felt him glide in deep into her inch by glorious inch.


Eric threw his head back as the bulging muscles around his biceps tightened. His teeth gnashed together as he clamped his hands around her hips.
“Stop, god, you have to stop,” he gritted.


She stilled as her breath hitched. “Why?” Was she doing it wrong? She wouldn’t know, she had no prior experience.


“Because you’re gonna make me come so hard and so fast and I don’t want that. I’ve wanted this so fucking much I don’t want to make a fool of myself.”


She heaved a sigh of relief.


Mercifully, the initial pain had subsided as she managed to adjust to his size smoothly. Now there was only pleasure. Sweet, sweet pleasure.






This is how I’m gonna die. With my dick stiff as a rock inside this wicked woman.


He gasped when she ground her hips against his again, eyes rolling back to the back of his head as he growled in ecstasy.


“Ah fuck,” he swallowed. “So fucking good.”


He was gliding in and out of her languidly, rendered powerless to her ministration.


“Please Sookie!” he howled, tightening his grip on her. “I’m gonna come.”


“Isn’t that the point?” she asked, blinking in confusion.


Goddamn, was she playing me?


Her legs curled around his waist, eyes locked onto his. This new position only made her tighter, something he never thought possible. How could someone be so fucking tight?


He didn’t want to come yet. He’d want to stay inside her for as long as he could. Damn, he’d stay there forever if it were possible.


He captured her lips to calm himself down, to buy his overly excited cock more time inside her.


It didn’t help. Her delicious, ravenous mouth only got him stiffer. Damn this woman. Damn my fucking volatile dick.


He started thrusting, slowly, dragging each push and pull with so much restraint. She held on to his shoulder, raking her nails at the length of his back.


He was close. Too close. His thrusts gained speed but Sookie found the way to catch up, lifting her hips to meet his and soon they were in perfect sync. The bed creaked in protest every time he pounded, the headboard thudding against the wall. He would have to find a way to convince Hoyt to sell him this whole goddamned cabin.


Sookie whimpered, her tits bouncing as he slammed into her. Her gaze steady on his face, her hair splayed on the mattress as she uttered his name over and over.


It was the best damn thing.


“Oh god, Eric!” she gasped before her spine arched and her eyes squeezed shut. He felt the first surge of contraction as she came. And that was it for him. He and his dick gave up the fight and relinquished what little control they had.


With a final drive of his hip, he plunged in to the hilt and let himself go.






It was like she had run a full marathon. Endorphins siphoned into her system as she held onto yet another orgasm. Eric felt as if he weighed nothing at all as he crashed onto her, while nuzzling her neck. They were both slick with sweat and god knows what else.


“How are you so tight?” Eric rasped.


She almost asked, ‘How are you so big?’ But she didn’t want their post-coital talk to sound like it was made for one of those cheap porns so she settled for, “I do kegels.”


He laughed out loud, his massive chest quaking against her as she joined him in laughter.


“Have I told you how perfect you are?”


“Not quite enough.”


“You are.” He kissed her lips. “And if you can give me like ten, twenty minutes. I’ll take a power nap and I’ll show you just how perfect you are.”


She giggled. “Make it thirty, I need to do another set of kegels.”


“If you end up breaking my dick, promise me you’ll call Doctor Ludwig instead of Doctor Super Ass.”


“As if I’d let another woman touch that,” she countered with a chuckle.


“I like seeing this side of you,” he said, chortling as he peeled himself of her.


She was giving him a Cheshire grin as her gaze followed him. He was so goddamned beautiful it was as if someone had carved him from marble. Her heavy-lidded eyes snapped wide open when she saw the smear of blood against the V-shaped curve below his waist.


“Shit, Eric! You’ve busted your stitches!”


Eric bent his head and looked down, tracing the line of his injury with his palm. “This isn’t my blood,” he said, looking up.


There was a two-second pause before it dawned on her. She knew the exact moment he realized the same thing as his face blanched. Without thinking, she leapt off the bed and bolted to the bathroom.


“Shit, shit, shit!” she muttered under her breath as she pulled back the plastic shower curtain dotted with flower prints. She turned on the tap and almost shrieked when the cold water sprayed above her head.


She palmed her face, hoping the coldness would douse her flaming cheeks.


She was mortified. She should have anticipated this. Of course she’d bleed.


Stupid, stupid, Sookie.


She was still beating herself up that she didn’t hear the sound of the bathroom door swinging open or the whoosh of the shower curtain. She only felt the strong arm wrapping around her waist grabbing her out off the stall, away from the freezing water. She was trapped in his arms, crushed against his warm torso.


“You were a virgin,” he whispered into her ear, her back flat against him.


It wasn’t a question so she didn’t say anything in response.


“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked, whirling her around to face him.


She snapped her head to look at him, water rolling down her face.


She forced a smile. “Why? So I could up my price?” she quipped, trying hard to sound blithe.


His eyes darkened as the muscles around his jaw bunched. He didn’t look amused.


“It ain’t a big deal,” she said, sweeping her palms over her forehead all the way to the back of her head to brush back the water.


“It was to me,” he spat then threw his head back in frustration. “You’re unbelievable. You’re — you’re — I don’t know how your fucking mind works. Do you have any idea how many women tried to tell me they were virgins just so they could get something from me?”


“That’s the thing, Eric. I don’t need anything from you. I know exactly what this is, what we are.”


His eyes narrowed into slit, his hold on her arms slackening. “What the hell does that mean?”


Her chest tightened and all of a sudden she felt exposed, raw, defenseless. “I’m sayin’ I’m not deluded,” she said, surprised at the steadiness of her voice. “I know sooner or later you’ll have to go back to your real life. This is just my way of makin’ sure you won’t forget me so easily.”


If she thought he looked pissed before, she hadn’t seen nothing yet.






It was like being kicked in the balls.


He let go of her completely, taking a couple of steps back until his back hit the damp tiles.


“Is that what this is?” he spat between his teeth. He couldn’t believe that the same woman who gave him the fuck of the century could send him crashing down to earth in a single blow.


He told her he loved her, bared his fucking soul to her. And to her he was nothing but a spring break?


Well, fuck.


She must have sensed the anger simmering inside him because she, too, backpedalled to the stall, one arm draped across her chest to cover her breasts while the other dangled in front of her pussy.


Good, she should be scared.


“What I meant was…” she stuttered.


Oh, he knew exactly what she meant.


“I get it Sookie,” he cut her off as he stalked her slowly. “You don’t want anything from me because I’m nothing but a fucking segue to you.” He laughed bitterly. “And all your friends thought I was the asshole.”


“Eric,” she shook her head, “I didn’t —”


Too late to explain now, he thought wildly before he came at her and seized both her hands, clasping them over her head. He backed her against the tiled wall. The water sprayed his back and with a flick of his free hand he turned the tap off.


He cupped her throat, tilting her chin up with his thumb to keep her from moving. He bit her lower lip then sucked it hard. She was a pain to hate, much more painful to love.


She moaned in his mouth and he felt his cock spring back to life. His hand slid smoothly down to her waist, pulling her flush to him so she could feel the hardness pulsing against her stomach. She whimpered as she pressed into him. He almost smiled. He pried his lips off hers and ran the pad of his thumb along her lower lip, red and swollen from his bite. He nudged her legs with his knee, spreading them before his hand glided down to her folds. She sucked in a breath as he stroked her.


She gasped, her eyes fluttering close.


“Open your eyes and look at me.”


She did as she was told, spellbound by the magic weaved by his fingers. If she wanted to make a goddamned memory, then he’d give her something she wouldn’t forget.


“Eric,” she moaned, struggling against his grip as her hips gyrated for more friction, desperately seeking release. “Please,” she begged.


Begging, he thought bitterly, that was a first. She was literally wrapped around his fingers. Releasing her hands, he dropped to his knees and buried his head between her thighs. Her knees buckled as she held on to his shoulders.


He devoured her, relishing the thought that no one had the luxury of tasting her before him. He thought he was a lucky bastard the first time they made love. He had no idea he was fucking gold.


She came in his mouth with a tremble and a barely muffled scream. He licked her clean and sucked the inside of her thigh before letting her go. He rose and kissed her on her lips.


“God, Eric,” she panted, cheeks flushed. “What’re you doin’ to me?”


“This is just my way of making sure you won’t forget me so easily,” he threw her words back at her before he crushed his mouth over hers stopping whatever bullshit she might come up with again. “You and I, we’ll never be done. Get that in that pretty head of yours. You denied me the pleasure of knowing I was your first then I’ll just have to make sure I’ll be your last.”


A/N: I don’t own Eric or TB.

My loves, sorry I couldn’t update as quickly as I hoped. My day job snuffed the energy out of me. I didn’t even have time to reply to my gorgeous beta, (I love you, R, I’ll write back to you soon!) and greet my eagle eye friend, KY, a happy birthday (I owe you big, K!) If only someone would pay me to write about my fantasies. Alas, I have to go back to salt mines.

Thank you for reading and sending your lovely thoughts. Reviews are love, my loves.

As soon as I get the hang of all this new stuff going on in RL I’ll post more regularly. I’m like Eric in a way, I need one hell of a power nap to recharge.

Until next time! XO


27 thoughts on “34. Look away Taylor Swift

  1. Well Done (changing nicotine patch because that chapter needed fresh one) I know that Sookie and Eric will get it right in the end. Eric needs to realize that Sookie needs to learn to value herself just like he needs to — the people around them were not into building up their self-esteem and Sookie needs do the same for Eric. Thank you for this chapter and I hope RL came be tamed for you:-)

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  2. I was so very worried for a second, after Sookie’s comment I was crushed. I was home alone and I may have let out a noooooo. I’m so glad Eric didn’t run. Yes, he was angry but who won’t be. I liked his line, I will be your last and we will never be done. What a great chapter, thank you 💕

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    1. Hey sweetness. I haven’t had the chance to check on you lately, I’m sorry. Let’s catch up soon. I want to hear everything about you and sweet B. I’m so glad you liked this chapter, I kept going back and forth with this one. To lose or not to lose (the v-card). The horny me won in the end. It’s been 33 chapters! I don’t think anyone would call it going too fast at this point right? Right? 😉 Let’s talk more soon, ok? Take it easy. Much love, M! ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Hi babe! Glad you liked the lemons. I hate disappointing you. Sorry if I take long to update, if it were up to me, I’d update every day but time and the call of my sweet, sweet bed are the enemies here. Thank you for sticking with the story and don’t ever get tired of me… please 🙏🏼 Until next ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. I thought Eric was going to walk out on her for a split second, so glad he didn’t. Absolutely loved his last lines! Oh, Sookie, you have no idea of the depth of his feelings for you and how you’ve changed his life.

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    1. I think they’ve crossed that line where they just walk out and leave things hanging. I’m glad you liked Eric’s line. Sometimes it’s hard to channel Sookie but with Eric, I remember him more vividly. I hope his new show on HBO would be good. Can’t wait! 😊 Thank you for sticking with this story. Until next! ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Hey L! Yes, MissStitcher was cursing me too (jokingly, of course) when she read it. Called me a meanie 😫 for hurting Eric. Sorry. Blame the muse, I’m only a typestter. Until next my sweets! ❤️❤️😌

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  4. Omg! I never wanted this chapter to end! Well it’s true with all of your chapters but this one especially. I freaked out for a minute, I thought for sure Eric was going to get the fuck out of there after Sookie’s misspoken admission in the shower. But I was never so happy to be proven wrong! Those last lines he spoke…perfectly swoon worthy😃 I couldn’t figure out what the title of the chapter meant until I read that hilarious line about feeling judged by Taylor Swift! lol Now when I see the title of your chapter I have to snort, you’re too funny😁
    Well I hope after Eric finishes ruining Sookie for all other men, that he sits her down and makes her understand that he’s in it for the long haul with her (he is right?!) and I pray that she accepts his word.
    If I win the lottery I will send you a whole bunch of money so you can write for us full time!! I’m buying a ticket tomorrow😉
    Thanks for the delicious update and take care of yourself! xox❤

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    1. Having you as a friend is like winning the lottery already. Too cheesy? It’s true, though. I’m blessed to have met you, hon. You’re one of the reasons I cling for dear life to this ship. No matter how much True Blood effed our pairing up, bringing us ladies together made it worth the heartache. Enough of the cheese, how are you? I hope you’re taking it easy too. Oh and have you seen ASkars’ new show on HBO? it has lies/liars on the title. I only saw the preview (and by saw, i meant watched it like hundred times) so I’m not sure if it’s a mini series and if it has started showing yet. Can’t wait to see those sweetbuns again, err i mean revel in his great acting chops. 😬 Missing you ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. You’re too sweet☺️ I watched Big Little Lies and I loved it. He’s so good in it. It’s seven episodes long, so another 6 Sundays of Askars back on HBO again! Plus they’ve been playing The Legend of Tarzan on HBO so it’s been a very good week of shameless Askars ogling for me😉 Seriously, I can’t sit close enough to my tv when I’m watching him! Lol
        Talk soon xo

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  5. Such an intense chapter! In the best possible way…. I think Sookie got extremely lucky her first time wasn’t more painful and awkward… Esp. after not warning Eric…. Loved the exchange at the end and although Sookie’s comment was not the most sensitive, considering all the time Eric hid who he really was, it is hardly a surprise she is still skittish….

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    1. Hey RJ! How’re you? Gosh, I miss hearing your thoughts. You get this Sookie and the sick way her mind works. She’s new to all this having pined for someone who had always treated her like a fallback. Until next, love! ❤️❤️❤️

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  6. sweetness i enjoyed the chapter since we are not on FFN i cannot let you know about this is private: should be ‘of’ not ‘off’…”grabbing her out off the stall, “…. but anyway, you owe me nothing except your friendship. as for Sookie , damn girl you fucked up. he needs to know that you feel out of his league and that is why you are treating this as a spring break fling. but i like how he told her he would be her first and last, so Eric. chuckled at the name of the sex toy… Alex…. we all have one of those don’t we… until the next post KY

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  7. Holy monkey balls! I’m not sure if I’m more nervous or excited for Sookie! Just when I thought they were on the correct path of communication, they go and take a poop right on my parade!


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