1. Home

“He’s been in an accident. You have to come home.” Sookie shifted in her seat and pulled the window shutter up. It was a starless night. Even in the dark she could see the smog in the air. Nothing had changed in three years. Her world was still dark. It had been dark since the … More 1. Home

2. Scars

Every scar had a story. A memory embedded on his flesh making terrible days impossible to forget. The pale patch of skin on his knee was when he lost his footing on one of the ladder rungs of his treehouse when he was seven. It wasn’t because he was clumsy. It was because his father … More 2. Scars

3. Prudence

Sookie Stackhouse was fascinated with trivial facts. It was her quirk. She had a treasure chest brimming with icebreakers. One time there was a blackout in their village and Pam, who was only eight then while Sookie was nine, started to have asthma attack. Sookie tried to calm her down with, “Hey, Pammie, did you … More 3. Prudence

4. JFK

Eric lost his virginity when he was fifteen. The day Sookie Stackhouse kissed Dawn Green was the same day he popped his cherry. He could still feel Sookie’s breath on his cheek when she pulled his face down only to tell him he could do some much better. Yes, he almost bobbed his head. I deserve you, … More 4. JFK

5. Whisper

Bill Compton knew sometimes a great story wasn’t the noisiest one – the one everyone was talking about. Most times it started with a whisper. He didn’t think so before because he had no patience to lurk and wait for that hushed rumbling. It was a grave misuse of his time. Patience was one virtue … More 5. Whisper

6. Library Book

A/N: This is another flashback from EPOV. It’s sort of a continuation of their first kiss beside the garage.  “Don’t do it, man,” Tray warned him as he leaned against the tree overlooking the library. The cold October air blew and he instantly regretted wearing only a black wifebeater under his leather jacket. He glanced … More 6. Library Book

7. B&B

His lips were burning. Fervent and aggressive. He was consuming her in a way no one else could. Her mind swirled when she heard him growl as he nipped her lower lip. Her tongue clashed with his and he let out another low rumble when she arched forward, pressing against the hardness in his pants. … More 7. B&B

9. Suburbs

Flashback to 2006, during Eric’s first motorcycle accident… “It’s a death machine,” she told him at once, not even trying to hide her disgust at his new toy. His hands flew to cover the vintage motorbike’s handgrips. “Shh… he might hear you.” She leaned forward until her face was millimeters from his hand. “I don’t … More 9. Suburbs

10. Letters

Present day… Hello sweets, How are you, my love? I dreamed of you last night. Dad brought you a big dog – almost as big as you – I got mad at Dad because he’s making me the bad cop, who won’t let you keep the dog. You cried – more like bawled – and … More 10. Letters