13. Crippled

Fuck five stages. Denial was her thing so he skipped that and went straight to anger. It was his fucking specialty. “Get out of the way jackass!” He heard a cab driver yell at him while he was crossing the road to the taxi stand. He kept walking at a brisk pace, paying no mind … More 13. Crippled

14. Vicious Cycle

Previously… “If I had tried a little harder, none of this would have happened. Y’see, all along I thought Bill was the neutered wimp who found a way to slither into your life when I was the wimp,” he hushed, sliding closer. “I was the asshole who let you suffer alone. Now I envy him. … More 14. Vicious Cycle

15. Waffling Affair

He slept. Deader than a corpse. It was ironic because it was the first time he felt so alive in years. He dreamed of a nameless infant lying on his chest, snoring softly through his rosebud lips. He could smell the talcum powder on the baby’s back and he succumbed to the call of the … More 15. Waffling Affair

16. Unholy Alliance

Previously… She was cradling her mobile phone with both palms to her chest. “I just returned Bill’s call,” she started her voice barely a whisper. “There was a fire in his parents’ retirement home last night. His parents didn’t survive. Bill’s on his way to Dallas. He wants me to meet him there.” Just like … More 16. Unholy Alliance

17. Purgatory

He was going to burn in hell for this. It was a plan doomed to backfire but his other options were simply unacceptable. He just had to see her. Two weeks. Fourteen fucking days. If he had to spend another day thinking of her with him, he would have a psychotic break. So on the 13th day, … More 17. Purgatory

18. Spinning Lies

One week later, back in Seattle… “You must be Bill,” said a petite brunette with a prominent jaw donning chef’s whites. She sat across from him, sliding in the beige cushioned booth in Lilith’s upscale restaurant in downtown Seattle. Bill covered his mouth with the white square cloth to spit a small chewed-up chunk of … More 18. Spinning Lies

20. Nightmares

Eric Northman never had nightmares. How could he, when he was living in one? Every night for the past week as he stared out his window that overlooked the house across the street all he could see was her face as she squeezed her eyes shut while her husband pressed his lips to hers. His … More 20. Nightmares

21. Stealth

He wasn’t going to lie, illicit sex was pretty amazing. Then again making love to her had always been, for the lack of a better term, pretty damn exquisite. Even when they were young and obviously inexperienced, they were compatible in the sack. Her inherent competitiveness worked to his advantage. She would always try to … More 21. Stealth