24. China

Everyone dreamed of a perfect wedding. The stunning parade of tulle and lace. The enticing aroma of flowers wafting in the air. The collective albeit subdued chaos in the church in anticipation of the much-awaited ceremony. She could hear the nervous tapping of the groom’s foot as he waited for his bride, who was calmly … More 24. China

25. Selfish

It was almost comical how Desmond Cataliades’s anger faded into panic in a matter of seconds as he stared slack-jawed at the woman standing by the door. Sookie didn’t realize how insulated the library was until the doors slammed open and Desmond’s unmistakable moans pierced the air. Alcide must have put the tape in an … More 25. Selfish

26. Lilith

Lilith Catarina Ocella-Northman stood in front of the glass window of her cavernous office on the top floor of the North tower. Her fingers wrapped tightly around the ivory base of her customized cane as she fixed her eyes at the sky. She was a picture of perfection in her white dress suit and neatly-coiffed … More 26. Lilith

30. Sucker punch

Sookie Six hours ago… Her heart clenched as she watched her sister fold a white cotton onesie with the gentlest of touch. She remembered the first time she had seen Pam cradle Hunter in the nursery. She could tell Pam was nervous from the way her usually steady hands trembled as she wrapped her arms … More 30. Sucker punch