Three months later… His fingers stilled when he touched the round soft bump a few inches below her breast. It’s only a scar, he had to remind himself.She’s fine now, he told himself while ignoring the malicious voice inside him scoffing at him for letting her get hurt in the first place.She almost died, the … More Epilogue


4:30 AM In a perfect world, Pam would be at the North’s penthouse suite by now, clutching a bottle of Dom, toasting everyone for a job well done. Weeks – nay, months – of preparation boiled down to a single night: The night of Russell Edgington’s eventual downfall. It was over. Russell would be locked … More Fifty-four


Eric unclasped his black silk bow tie around his neck as he marched toward the revolving door at the lobby where his town car was waiting with Pam. Although the hotel wasn’t officially open for business yet, a few selected guests were already checked in for the soft opening. The climate-controlled footbridge connecting the North … More Fifty-three


“Ah, spread the word the king of the North has arrived!” Stan Davis raised his champagne flute to him as he stepped inside the top floor suite that was prearranged to house the players of tonight’s high stakes poker. Eric tipped his head to Stan before he scanned the room. Stan Davis, the former owner … More Fifty-two


There was no magic trick. No cryptic signals. Only an illusion, a perfectly choreographed deception. Pushing his black statement glasses up his nose, Eric directed his attention to the sixth row directly behind the ring, where he caught sight of Pam and Roman with a man in a tailored tuxedo between them. The man with … More Fifty-one


It wasn’t the Rosetta stone. Sookie didn’t have to be well-versed in business law to be able to catch the gist of the document she was reading. It was a contract, a change of ownership to be exact. He was naming her the new owner of the Edgington Industries. “I’m sorry. My John Hancock’s precious. … More Fifty


Five days later… For someone who owned a casino, Russell Edgington wasn’t a gambler. Gambling, for him, meant taking chances. He didn’t want to be at the mercy of anything. He wanted to operate under calculated risks, things he could control. However, as he sat in the corner of his Mandalay office, he couldn’t shake … More Forty-nine


No one could live in the City of Sin for a long time without committing one. And fifty years in the desert made Russell Edgington a faithful sinner. The body count under his name had piled up like sand dunes in the Mojave. Vindictive as he was, he could name each and every one of … More Forty-eight


“Two weeks. One month, tops.” The spoken promise still rang in his ears as he trudged back inside the North. Fuck. He plucked out a set of rules from memory: The rule of threes. Three minutes without air. Three days without water. Three weeks without food. Certain death. Sookie wasn’t his air or water or food. But … More Forty-Seven


The knocks on her door didn’t startle her. She grabbed the glass of vodka tonic on her nightstand that had left a ring of moisture on the table from the lack of coaster before she stood up to open the door for Bill. She was expecting him. After she had left Russell’s ground-floor office, Bill … More Forty-Six