Growing up with a grandmother who had a nose of a wolf and an ear of an owl had taught Sookie a thing or two about sneaking back into her room after she had been out way past her bedtime. But this wasn’t a small three-room farmhouse with creaky floors. It was one of the … More Forty-Five


They never made it to the bed. From the time he sealed his lips with hers he never wanted to come back up for air. He felt her nails digging into his shoulder, leaving half-moon crescents over his taut skin. He wished those marks would never fade. He didn’t know how he got her naked … More Forty-Four


It was all coming back to her. Jason was running, screaming her name. His short blonde hair was sticking to his clammy forehead. The plump Maxine Fortenberry in her Sunday dress and floral apron, cheeks ruddied with sheer indignation, was yelling profanities at Jason, scolding him for leaving a trail of mud on her freshly … More Forty-Three


“Your move, Eric.” Godric leaned back in his throne-like chair, resting his elbows against the armrest as he steepled his long fingers, squeezing them together. It was one of his father’s favorite postures he used when he wanted to intimidate his opponent. One that Eric had perfected through the years. Eric’s hand hovered over the … More Forty-Two


4:17AM She could feel goosebumps crawling up her skin. The small hair at the back of her neck bristled when the ice-cold wind from the air conditioner hit her direction. She wished they would turn up the thermostat but she knew they wouldn’t grant her any kind of comfort. At least the fan was vacillating, … More Forty-One


‘I’m not perfect, son,’ Godric had told him on his deathbed. His cancer had already metastasized, stripping him not only of his physical strength but also all traces of hubris. ‘I’ve done godawful things. And my only regret is that I won’t live long enough to pay for all of them.’ Eric skimmed through the sheet of … More Forty


Alcide Herveaux knew the exact moment he fell in love with Sookie Stackhouse. It was a Saturday, the 18th of October. The year her father died. It was relatively warm that day despite the season. He was there as a favor for his best friend. Jason would be starting quarterback that schoolyear and he wanted … More Thirty-Nine


Weddings in the South always cause a certain kind of commotion. Especially in a place so tightly knit as Bon Temps where everyone was always, always related to the bride or the groom. Not tonight, though. As guests started taking their places at the old fashioned pews adorned with beautiful, blooming azaleas and magnolias, it was becoming … More Thirty-Eight


  ‘Cowboy up, Stackhouse, you can do this,’ Jason gave himself a pep talk as he gently pulled the door of his sister’s bedroom shut behind him. ‘He’s no different from all the fucktards in this town, salivating over your sister. He maybe rich but it doesn’t mean he craps gold. And who cares if he’s so … More Thirty-Seven


  “Mr. Northman?” Eric gripped the roof of the town car before he cast a sideway glance at his caller. He gauged the two suited men behind him before he gave a slight nod to the doorman who was holding the passenger door of the black Bentley that was parked at the lobby of the … More Thirty-Six