1. Lost

There was something cathartic in watching the night sky. Eric leaned back, resting the back of his head against the soft, tan leather headrest and let out an audible sigh. It had been two weeks. Two weeks since the night she marched into his office in the middle of the night and returned the engagement … More 1. Lost

2. Stranger

Eric felt abducted. Of all the hellish places in all fifty fucking states, Pam chose Shreveport, Louisiana. Shreveport. He wanted to vent his rage on the pilot and the two flight attendants as soon as their plane landed in Caddo airport, but he managed to rein his anger in. It wasn’t their fault. It was … More 2. Stranger

3. Long night

Two hours earlier… Sookie glanced at her watch and groaned. It was fifteen minutes before midnight and there were still three tables left to clear. What fun. If she was lucky, she’d be able to hit the bed at two. And that is if she skipped the shower which, judging by the stink of cigarettes … More 3. Long night

5. Exes and Ohs

“Stop that.” Sookie turned her head to her brother and arched her brow. He was sitting beside her and had both legs up and extended on three white plastic monobloc chairs while watching the rerun of late night news on the small TV by the wall. “You’re bouncin’ your knees. Gran’ll roll over her grave … More 5. Exes and Ohs

6. Rothman

Eric woke up in a daze. His eyesight was blurry as he took in the surroundings. Sunlight seeped through the gossamer curtain. It was bright, too fucking bright. Where the hell was he? He felt as if the entire room was spinning. He pressed the heels of his hands against his eyes as he hoisted … More 6. Rothman

8. Gollum

She bit her lip to stifle another grin. Dog burn it, what was wrong with her? She should have been appalled or at the very least, indignant. He had sported a hard-on in front of her. What was so damn arousing with her cleaning his wound? Hmm… was he fantasizing about her? Okay, so maybe … More 8. Gollum