7. Effed

In his attempt to save face, Eric did what any rational guy would do in this kind of situation: he pretended to sleep. Yes, he faked it, even threw in an occasional snore for good measure. He kept his head buried in the pillow as he listened to Sookie traipse around the house, while he … More 7. Effed

11. Catch-22

Eric walked in small circles around the lawn as he waited for his call to get connected. It had been a while since the ground beneath him had felt this solid. “This is Stan Davis, leave your number after the tone.” “Davis, it’s Ike. Ike Applebaum. Account number 2203. Give me a call as soon … More 11. Catch-22

12. Plaid shirt

“She’s startin’ to look at you funny,” Jason murmured behind him as they marched into the farmhouse. Eric slowly turned to Jason. “What do you mean?” “Sookie. She’s lookin’ at you funny. I’m not sayin’ that’s how she looks at Alcide, but that’s how it started.” “Alcide?” What the hell is Jason mumbling about? Jason … More 12. Plaid shirt

14. Triple A

“So Eric’s coming?” Alcide asked as they kept a lookout for the cavalry to arrive. They were leaning against the bumper of Tara’s jeep overlooking Doris. Sookie nodded as she stared at her car’s gaping hood. The smoke was already dissipating, which was probably a good sign. “How did you meet him?” Sookie pulled her … More 14. Triple A

15. White whale

There was only so much a guy could take before he totally lost his marbles. He had been expecting it for quite some time now, actually. That proverbial last straw. He thought it would be when he found out Sylvie had flown back to her nest. Or when Pam sent him to Louisiana. Or when … More 15. White whale

16. Broken toy

Sookie woke up with a start. She pulled her knees to her chest, buried her face in her hands and felt herself tremble. She’d had a nightmare. It had been a long time since she remembered having one. After Jason lost his leg, her nights had always been plagued with night terrors. Of blood and … More 16. Broken toy

17. Merlotte’s

For the fourth time, Eric punched the same set of numbers into the calculator and prayed for a different result. It was like throwing enough mud at the wall hoping some would stick. Was it stupid? Yes. Redundant? Yes. Goddamn frustrating? Hell yes. How could something so unbelievably simple confound the economist in him? Doing … More 17. Merlotte’s