26. B*tch

“You’re the mark, Eric Northman,” Dennis Rattray spat out. “You’re the fuckin’ reason we went to Louisiana. If it ain’t for you we’d still be in Dallas.” Deputy Jones lunged forward, her mask of indifference had already vanished. “You were hired to kill him?” “Fuck no! We ain’t no killers. Told ya t’was an accident,” … More 26. B*tch

25. Road trip

Eric gazed out the window as Sam sat whistling in the driver’s seat of the latter’s blue Ford Bronco. It was probably a sixties model, it certainly smelled and groaned like it. “You okay there, bubba?” Eric peeled his eyes off the scenery and gave Sam a stiff nod. Dr. Ludwig, as it turned out, … More 25. Road trip

28. Accomplice

“Sure I’m sure. That’s the bitch who screwed us over.” Dennis Rattray muttered, his index finger covering Miriam’s face in the picture. “She ain’t a blonde when I met her though.” A soft rumbling bubbled from Eric’s chest as he stared at the photo. His shoulders quivered until he couldn’t hold it anymore and a … More 28. Accomplice

29. Cross to bear

After the day Eric had, he thought nothing would surprise him again. Running off with Sookie did the trick. His eyes never wandered away from her as she manuevered the truck through a series of dirt path. She drove for a good fifteen minutes in silence until the Bronco slowed to a stop beside a … More 29. Cross to bear

31. Reckless

Sookie overslept. She was jolted awake from the sound of something drilling downstairs. She sprang upright and noticed that she was alone. After Eric and Sam had left, she and Tara went straight to bed. Now, Tara was gone. Sookie spied a note on her bedside table. Went back home to change. Meet you at … More 31. Reckless

7. B&B

His lips were burning. Fervent and aggressive. He was consuming her in a way no one else could. Her mind swirled when she heard him growl as he nipped her lower lip. Her tongue clashed with his and he let out another low rumble when she arched forward, pressing against the hardness in his pants. … More 7. B&B


‘What have you done, Sookie?’¬†Yes, it was Sookie now. Not she or her, but Sookie. Sookie Stackhouse. The one that drove him crazy in every imaginable way possible. “Who is she!” Nora exclaimed as soon as they were inside her suite. Eric never uttered a word during their short drive to the North. And it … More Nineteen


    “Find out everything about her. Where she lives. Where she works. Her family. Her friends. Even her fucking cat.” ‘Same shit, different day.’ Eric Northman ran his hand through his hair as he made his way toward the security room of the casino floor. He swiped his card key against the electronic lock … More One